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Folmar Drilling Company Provides Residential, Commercial, Municipal, & Agricultural Water Well Drilling Services & Supplies

Northeast Texas and east Texas draw water from the Corrizo-Willcox Aquifer. The Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer extends from the Louisiana border to the border of Mexico. It is a major aquifer and exists in a wide band. Read more about the Corrizo-Wilcox Aquifer by visiting the Texas Water Development Board website.

A properly drilled and installed deep water well will provide water for decades into the future. Four generations of Folmars have been drilling these wells for many years and can be relied on to provide you with a good dependable water source that fulfills your needs now and for years to come. Folmar Drilling Company is reliable, knowledgable, efficient, and the best choice for all your water well needs.

In digging water wells Folmar Drilling Company's goal is to locate and reach a good, dependable, deep water source. Before breaking ground we locate the best aquifer for your project. We employ Mud Rotary which is best suited for our service area. Drilling techniques are used individually or in combination as required for specific well conditions. We use 4 ½ inch - 6 inch SDR 17 well casing depending on the requirements for your specific well. Then we install screens layered with premium grade gravel and sand to obtain the maximum well flow potential.

Folmar Drilling Company gladly provides references, from our many satisfied clients, on request.

Folmar Drilling Company Residential and irrigation system water well drilling

Residential Water Well Drilling

Folmar Drilling Company knows your residential water well is of utmost importance to you and your family. You rely on it to perform consistently and always provide an optimal source of water. Folmar provides your home, ranch, or farm with the best quality of water possible as well as assuring that irrigation systems never run short of water.

Folmar Drilling Company handles the entire process including, well location, project startup, drilling, well completion, installation of pump and water treatment equipment, and final inspection. We also provide repair, supplies and offer operation and maintenance contracts on most treatment systems including systems installed by other companies.

Folmar Drilling Company commercial and municipal water well drilling

Commercial & Municipal Water Well Drilling

Folmar Drilling Company provides water well for businesses, commercial properties, cities, and rural water districts. Public water systems must be operated by state certified personnel. Folmar Drilling Company contracts with public water systems providing the proper level of certified operators. We are aware of current and emerging regulations and assure that our clients stay informed about changes that could impact their operation and costs.

Folmar digs wells up to 1,500 ft. and uses the appropriate casing and pump systems for each project

Folmar Drilling Company agricultural water well drilling

Agricultural Water Well Drilling

Water availability is critical for farmers, ranchers, orchard owners, poultry raisers, and industries. An integral part of a business profit margin is the ability to rely on a dependable water source for optimal production. Over four generations Folmar Drilling Company has provided water well drilling services, parts, and maintenance for agricultural and industrial clients. We serve dairies, poultry and livestock operations, hay producers, and many other types of agricultural operations as well as all types of industries. Regardless of what your operation is, Folmar Drilling Company will drill and construct your agricultural or industrial well to the highest standards.

Water Well Drilling Begins

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